Help for New Retailers

Morley is inundated with charity shops.this is because they can claim back a % of the rent. Locals have said they simply cannot afford the rent charged. If rents could be subsidised for the first 2 years this will help start up businesses & will hopefully encourage independent retailers to the town.

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12 comments on “Help for New Retailers

  1. I think we need a bus station, free bus or a bus to train station so that its not just accessible by car. Its too dark by the train station of your on your own early morning or late at night. And too far to walk back into Morley especially up the hill with shipping bags.

    We need more than just charity shops. We need to attract high street chain stores. More resturants. We need to do more for kids cinema, bowling etc. Could do with like a town square and the shops all coming off from it and cafes bars, outside cafes bars, shop stalls , childrens play area.

    1. I completely agree with this, the market could thrive with the right investment into it, it is fully of amazing independent retailers like a book stall, soap shop, vintage stalls and many more. We need the younger community to be more willing to go to the market.

  2. We need less charity shops and no big stores we need rents to be less or incentives offered so more Independant, smaller businesses can afford to bring unique custom to the town. What about bringing in more community arts, music, sports. More interactive things to bring people into the town rather than just shopping.

    Help the people with small businesses in the area to keep money in the area. We are the town, not big corporations like primark and h&m.

  3. There are over 30 hairdressers and barbers with Morley. This also needs to be addressed as it’s rapidly outdoing the charity shop issue.

  4. We need to improve the area around Morley Bottoms – the shops look tired and neglected and give a poor first impression when driving into the centre- could independent retailers be encouraged with subsidised rates to help regenerate the area? Or a computer cafe?

    1. The public transport system in Morley is appalling and needs major investment. The buses into Leeds take far too long (nearly an hr) and the train station (platform) has only two trains an hr into Leeds. For such a busy commuter town this isn’t good enough and is one of the reasons why I may move away from Morley in the future.

  5. We need a few well known outlets.. Maybe a clothes store, more Independant shops that would bring people to the area like shops that are not anywhere else such as shops in Howarth.

  6. We need another clothes shop maybe H&M, something for men, women and kids. Far too many charity shops!!! The new bars make a difference and I like going out in Morley now!

  7. I agree people would come if there were more little quirky shops we need a Laura Ashley store and some other quality goods shops

    1. There are far too many charity shops in Morley. What we need is new and exciting shops to bring people in and support those already here. From speaking to those who have wanted or tried to rent in Morley, it’s just far too expensive. A subsidised rent for two years could be the difference between success and failure.

  8. I agree. We also need a big name store to bring people to the area. The ridiculous rents means good stores like Hecky Pets can not afford to stay so close after a short time. And they seem to be replaced by charity shops. Whilst I like charity shops, the town needs something to bring people in. And we need to invest in the local market.

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