Help the homeless

Bring back Breaking Boundaries and do something to help the homeless once and for all, please. There is a big homeless problem in Middlesbrough, I’ve seen them on the streets at night trying to get themselves warm, huddled up in sleeping bags, I’ve fed them, please let’s have some help for them, the homeless are dying on Middlesbrough streets, fact. Breaking boundaries were great, we need them back helping like they did, things have been so much worse since they lost they’re funding, it’s heartbreaking seeing what our most vulnerable in society are having to deal with, people shouldn’t be homeless in this country not in 2020. I believe that homelessness is much more important than what you have listed below, faster broadband, what good is that if you are homeless, homeless don’t want such things, they want/need a warm bed, find them homes, get them some help with their problems, bring back Breaking Boundaries.Thank you.

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