Help the Homeless

Supporting the homeless/ those at risk or hungry. Support for those with addiction/ mental health issues. With all the empty properties/ shops being wasted around here, one could be made into a homeless shelter

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5 comments on “Help the Homeless

  1. The homeless are regularly moved on because they “offend” some people. There are not enough hostels etc. There should be more that also allow pets, it’s shameful that other towns and cities do more to help than loughborough

    1. I moved to Loughborough for uni and now live here. The town that I moved from is a lot more… underprivileged than Loughborough. I just looked at the suggestions for that town & there are a lot of things suggested that should have been implemented already. However, I could see the difference in living standards when I read the suggestions for Loughborough improvements (I.e. suggestions for things that would be nice extras, not necessities). For me, this is by far the most urgent/important suggestion that has been made. Boohoo, you can only charge your car at one port or you’d like to chill out without having to spend the money on a coffee (that you do actually have… also, go to a park for that???). Homelessness is a major problem in Loughborough, they are people too, they need help and rehabilitation, not just people walking past them and pretending that they can’t see nor hear the person sat on the cold ground.

  2. Skills-based charities such as, for example, the wonderful Exaireo Reuse Project could be supported by being given space more central to town to run a showroom – providing work and skills to those in need?

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