Hereford Lido

Think big. Build a new 50m lido (open air pool) complex in the north of the city centre with views across the historic core. A 50m pool for lane swimming and general family swimming plus a splash pad for children. A grass area surrounding it for outdoor theatre and concerts plus a year round cafe. It would attract those wanting to swim for sport, swim for wellbeing, swim for fun or just hang out in a nice place with friends. The success of lido complexes in Cheltenham, Cirencester and Pontypridd shows they can work if they are run by not-for-profit community companies. The building could be used 12 months of the year with the pool open 6 to 8 months (or more) depending on the weather. It could boost visitors to the city, give local people a great attraction, create jobs and volunteering opportunities and become a community centre. It could host races and charity events and be used by clubs and schools. A happy place.

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6 comments on “Hereford Lido

  1. Yes this is a fantastic idea. I know that the Tooting lido is always very popular. I expect that one in Hereford would be too. And I fully agree with all of the above comments too.

  2. A lido in Hereford would benefit the whole community, you only have to look at Cheltenham lido to see how much use it gets and how it benefits all of the community.

  3. I would be in full support of this plan which would have multiple benefits for the city, both in terms of health benefits and quality of life for the local community, and attracting more visitors, both for recreation, and also swimming teams and triathlon clubs, giving them the training benefit of a 50 metre pool.
    Social distancing is also easier in an open air environment

  4. This is a wonderful idea and would be a truly valuable asset to Hereford. With the many rivers in and around the county, it would be great to see the addition of a safe outdoor swimming space. Alongside all the benefits already mentioned it could also provide Hereford with the extra capacity much needed for swimming lessons. Having grown up in a coastal town with a very Lido I know just what a popular community space this could be and how widely it could be used by all.

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