high road noise pollution

MK is one of the most noise polluted new cities. The Annual Traffic of all motor vehicles in MK has increased significantly and noticeably.Between 2000-18 the traffic increased by1.163 billion vehicles where only in 2011-18 it was rise of 177.7million(Departments of Transport).MK is very unique town due to Grid system. As per 2017 we had 11 Vroads roads,10H-roads & A5 running through MK. Non of those roads has any type of the sound barriers in place. WHY?I live in part of Walnut tree which together with Walton and Caldecotte is very venerable due its position and is simply sandblasted by road noise. Those extra motors are heard by us and our children each day and night as those roads never sleeps.There is a wide rage od side affects coused by high road noise which arise from the stress reaction it the human body also during sleep leading to anxiety,stress,depression and even heart attack.Please improve life quality by caping the road noise.This would benefit all of us in MK.

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