High street access and facilities….

Opening up the high street once again to public transport or a tram service this will bring people into the town as the current pedestrian system has added to the demise of the high street as it needs constant movement through it plus it would improve the overall security of what it currently a very bleak area of Lowestoft especially at night plus the high needs to have places like wine bars and restaurants opening up along it to encourage it to be open and more active in the evening’s this once again makes the area feel more secure as there would be more people about and finally I think all that will happen will be a few cosmetic changes as the the council have shown in recent years that they really don’t care about the town centre anymore and all this talk of changes and improvement is just a jerk response that’s going to come to nothing just take the whole fiasco with the bridge as an example I’ll believe it when I see it but overall Lowestoft town central needs an enema sooner than

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