High street Regeneration

It would be great to see a regeneration of Darlington’s high street. Over the space of a couple of years a huge proportion of local businesses have had to close. Rather than leaving all these buildings empty, why don’t we turn some into residential to make use of buildings already there. In the area we are seeing more and more countryside turned into concrete with hundreds upon hundreds of new houses built upon it. This is putting a huge amount of strain on traffic systems and local amenities. It surely makes alot more sense to regenerate some of these buildings we have in place. I understand planning permission is often restrictive but anyone with common sense should be able to see this. High streets unfortunately are dying out due to the huge amount of shopping done online these days meaning the buildings that are now empty are unlikely to be all fully re-occupied. Some of these could be turned into residential apartments and some that remain as commercial could be regenerated.

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