Highways investment + reduce fleeceholding + unadopted roads

Too little investment is made in the highway maintenance of redditch roads. Potholes are a constant reoccurrence on all roads, flooding due to inadequate drainage is often seen. The local authority has opted out of adopting new build estate roads across all of redditch, leaving their constituents open to uncapped ground management fees. Too little is done from the council to adopt the grounds and roads, the additional 7% council tax allocation for highways maintenance from the thousands of new residents is not used on the immediate roads for the residents, nor to update the existing infrastructure. A prime example being the new Amazon warehouse. Exponential increase of road usage with lack of appropriate highway investment and ownership will lead to not only further frustration of residency, and logistical pains, but also increased useage of the already depleted emergency services. Growth of the town with lack of basic investment and maintenance will be our downfall.

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7 comments on “Highways investment + reduce fleeceholding + unadopted roads

  1. The money should go into the roads and footpaths. They are a disgrace considering the amount of road fund licence we pay.
    However they need to be resurfaced properly, not patched up and covered in stones, that cause damage to vehicles. Also patching them leads to more consistent roadworks, would be nice to go on a journey and not see any temporary traffic lights for a change.
    Do them once and properly please

  2. Footpaths need to be maintained!!! The earth is invading the path so there is not enough space to walk on the path or so close to the road that the cars could be touching you (abbey stadium to BP station or Meadow Farm pub).
    The river behind the abbey stadium could do with a lot of TLC as the river is hidden with overgrown bushes. It would be such a nice spot to walk by.

  3. I totally think as we pay our way to be on the roads we shouldn’t have to pay to fix our vehicles because the roads WE’RE paying to drive on aren’t in good enough conditions.

  4. We live in feckenham, Redditch. On an unadopted road, which is in serious need of adopting and pothole therapy. Please please, from my house to the main road it takes 10 minutes to travel a mile and a half due to the potholes… please help

  5. Definitely we pay for our cars to be insured to be road worthy what about the roads to be car worthy for a change my partner had a tyre blow out because of a pot hole literally two days ago.

  6. Totally agree! Went down 2 potholes tonight – shocking state of the roads – more investment please. Edward Street (school end) and Cedar Road. Our Close was supposed to have had repairs last week – we had a notice but nothing done. Malvern Road is disgraceful.

  7. The roads need way more maintenance they have. There’s so many roads in Redditch that are extremely bad, especially Moons Moat Drive to name one. There are too many hazards with the condition of the roads. The average person can not afford fixing frequent blow outs or cracked wheels because of the pot holes.

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