Homeless centre

Milton Keynes has an ever growing homeless population. Everyone has seen the tents in the underpasses, and the giant plant pots put in place to deter homeless people from sleeping outside the train station. Homelessness is the biggest problem facing Milton Keynes.

We must provide a centre that can offer food / beds /WC facilities to these people. But most importantly must help them get back on thier feet and reintegrate into the community.

Reintegration should be the main aim of the centre. The aim should be to house these people, get them the right credentials to enter employment, and to help them get thier lives back. This could be high cost per person so we may have to start small (possibly only a handful of people) and grow the scheme out over time.

Homelessness is effecting and killing people across the country. Milton Keynes can become an example to the rest of the nation on how to solve the problem.

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