Homeless hostel with jobs and support. (Needs more explaining but on a word limit)

Hostel which offers a home and jobs, e.g there would be a cafe open to the public and to have trained staff to help rehabilitate service users and find a permanent home. This is to help end homeless but to achieve that several hostels will be needed which is unlikely. So say it’s 1 hostel, this would be mainly for rough sleepers & people who have nowhere to go. There is too many homeless people in MK whether it be sleeping on the streets, in hotels for temporary accommodation or sofa surfing. Most rough sleepers have problems they struggle to deal with in their life which could be the reason to their homelessness. Could be anything from family and friendship breakdown, mental health, drugs and alcohol, ex offender, struggle to find work/can’t afford a home when working ect. Let’s say the council gives a homeless person a home who struggles with one of the above issues, there most likely to give that home up or it be taken away then there homeless again and it’s a revolving circle.

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