Homelessness / revamp / transport

I’d like to see the issues Bournemouth has now particularly in the town centre with homelessness remedied. The whole town is becoming dirty rundown and overrun with people who need homes and if they have homes need moving on. No one wants people drunken and laying about everywhere when visiting. Tourists will not come back.

In addition money for grants for property to be done up and for owners to be forced to undertake work. We have some lovely architecture but it’s being left to crumble. Really need to level up the town and the offering to keep the economy working well.

In addition investment in roads, not repairs and the like but serious work to improve the access to Bournemouth from the Wessex way and travel across the conurbanisation. It can take well in excess of an hour to travel from one side to the other with traffic when the same journey when quiet would be 10/15 mins.

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