Homes for locals

More properties for people working and living in the town to be actually affordable. Research in to actual rates of pay and affordable living e.g. someone on £8 an hour on a full time job taking home just over a grand a month and their rent and bills being near £700. How are they supposed to live?

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  1. We need Social housing or cheaper private rents that actually accept housing benefit. Im a single parent with a toddler, I have lived in the area for 26 years (since i was 6) and cannot get a home to rent social or private. Been waiting in band D for 2 years on homechoice and also trying to get a private rent but none are within my price range. There are hundreds of other people like me in similar situations. I find it bizzare theyre building all these houses that do not meet the local peoples housing needs at all. Make it easier for landlords to offer lower rents for local people. Stop building all these big expensive houses that are unaffordable. Not everyone can afford to buy a home. Build on brownfield sites and protect the countryside.

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