Corby desperately needs its own hospital. Corby has expanded over the last 40 years since the closure of the steel works yet 40 years later we still don’t have our own hospital. Kettering General Hospital is overflowing and cannot cope with the demands put on it so the creation of a new Corby hospital would help relieve the problem immensely!!!

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  1. Considering the number of new houses being built around the Corby we definitely need our own hospital as the KGH is simply not coping

  2. A new more modern hospital is required in Corby, in addition to Kettering, not to replace it. Corby’s grown and continues to do do as more families move North. It’s a necessity

  3. Given the recent growth in population, Corby requires its own general hospital, as I do not think KGH is going to cope anymore. This hospital could also provide mental health services and have a cancer ward if possible.

  4. We definitely need a hospital in Corby as we have grown so much over the years and the demand for one is extremely high. It would also take the pressure from KGH who struggle with the overwhelming numbers daily from the county.

  5. Completely agree, Kettering general do a wonderful job but it’s being stretched to the extreme even with the help of the 8-8. It’s not a case of wanting a hospital we NEED a hospital

  6. I second a hospital, Corby has grown immensely and there’s been hardly any changes to the basics service infrastructure like schools and doctors etc. The urgent care centre is used as an overflow when people aren’t able to get doctors appointments and in a town of this size a larger medical provision is needed and would ease the pressure on Kettering general hospital.

  7. Having seen the improvement in Corby over the last twenty years and the growth in population. It would make sense for Corby to have a hospital provision of its own. I can’t complain of the service received from KGH in the last 2 years but it would relieve the pressure on the overstretched resources at KGH. The urgent care provision can’t stretch any further than it does!

  8. As the 2nd biggest town in Northamptonshire it is essential that Corby needs a hospital ! The town is still expanding & KGH is struggling with demand from Kettering, Wellingborough & Corby as well as surrounding villages. The 8 till 8 walk in centre is overwhelmed . Corby needs a hospital !

  9. Totally agree corby needs it’s own hospital, kgh can not cope with the amount of people here now and it’s still growing.

  10. As Corby grows and our population increases it is essential that we have our own hospital to accomodate all the local residents. This will also allow KGH to provide a better service ensuring people have the best health care available so that we can all live healther and happier lives both physically and mentally.

  11. I totally agree KGH is overflowing and people are sent from kettering and wellingborough to go to the 8 to 8 in corby and if you live in corby or surrounding villages you have to queue for a long time, a hospital would be a fantastic idea as plans had been drawn up a while ago but still no hospital.

  12. Completely agree with the need for a general hospital in Corby. We can’t expect standards to improve at the struggling Kettering General Hospital until we relieve the pressure of demand for its services. A hospital would also bring additional employment, and encourage highly skilled people to live and work in our town.

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