Hospital, repaved roads, better train links and a central youth centre

Corby really needs a hospital it is the largest town without one. Building a new hospital would take the strain of the hospital in Kettering. It would also help provide extra jobs within the community.
We could also use with the pot holes to be filled. Especially as the town is growing so is the traffic and amount of cars on the road.
We also need an improved train service. At the moment to head north you have to head south to Kettering. To get on another train that goes back through Corby. Why not just offer the stop in Corby makes more sense.
We could use with a central youth centre, it would hopefully keep some of the children from aggressively loitering in the town centre. Some are verbally abusive, start fights and cause trouble for the local shops. Hopefully a centre would provide them with a place to hang out, group together without causing problems. This could also help to offer volunteer roles to those who need it.

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