Hot desking/work away from home hubs

Due to COVID 19 and the move towards working from home many people might like the option to work from another space. If the council provides safe, well lit, serviced work areas in the empty spaces available in town, this will bring people and the associated coffee shops and food outlets that would support the hubs.
These spaces could be booked, relatively cheaply, people could bring their own equipement. These areas could be in the parks too, zoned meeting/work areas.
In addition, young people will have a space to meet, study or work. This could be ideal with the new higher education facility. There would be the safety considerations but solutions could be found.
Or the Council could lease these spaces to the private sector to provide this service.
Rotherham Town Centre needs to tackle the street scene and public realm, this is so important to attracting people and businesses.
For wider Rotherham, I think clearer signage and links to the cultural and heritage attractions.

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