to ensure that landlords check their properties on a regular basis.

there are empty properties but also people obtaining a property to rent and not living there or even sub letting.
maybe introduce street cleaners back and maybe employ gardeners to help teach people how to look after a garden. (hands on approach).
Let’s work with the people rather then against them.

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3 comments on “housing

  1. I think this is a great idea I am really new to the area and I can’t believe the amount of litter everywhere and the people that are living in some of the side streets when I asked locals about the area the comments where very negative it could be such a lovely place with a bit of time and effort

  2. I think that would be a workable idea early intervention & for landlords & letting agents make sure all the bins are there for new tenants & cleaned & that the garden is clear of rubbish & down load what goes into which bin & give a copy to the tenants check on bin day to make sure they have put it out for collection

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