Housing for homeless and vulnerable people

Poverty is increasing issue in Peterborough and must be addressed. If we constantly treat people without a home as less than, gross, or not worthwhile then how will they ever get out of their situation. They obviously have a troubled past and trauma in their upbringing so support and a home including BASIC needs such as shelter, food, water, sleep, security, and stability. Various courses can be implemented things such as cooking, carpentry, jewellery making, art, religion / spirituality to give these people a sense of purpose in themselves and also work together to support the greater good of Peterborough thus investing well in Peterborough. Therapists, chefs and anyone relevant can either be paid of volunteer work to work to meet each individuals needs. We are all human. We are all made of the same flesh and bones underneath. If people in jail can have different courses to learn different skills why can’t people without a home have this too. This cycle can no longer continue!

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