Housing Restoration

I live in Tinkers Bridge. I lived here for over 18 years. Tinkers Bridge Houses need to be knocked down.I believe the building themselves are not even built by bricks and in an event of fire this could be critical. I think this neighbourhood needs to be redesigned for a better, cleaner and safer community. Milton Keynes is growing but you have the rough areas like this that need proper attention but it’s always being ignored. Some People in Tinkers Bridge are comfortable to stay in the same poverty and rough areas and don’t want change.but I think if they are well informed and educated about it. They can be rehoused to decent place whilst the council or government restores communities like this. Some residents living in Tinkers bridge are from low income families which in some cases is not fault of their own. It’s hard living here sometimes, anti social behaviour on the streets, people selling drugs round the corners, streetlights are not bright enough so residents don’t safe

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