I.T companies need to be in Rotherham

Sheffield is rapidly running away with new I.T companies creating lots of high paid jobs.
These companies need to be encouraged to base themselves in Rotherham.

I saw a comment here about bringing high quality stores to the town high streets. Unfortunately there’s no point without having office and I.T workers In the town centre to spend in their lunch breaks and after work.
The reason those stores do well in Sheffield is not due to weekend shoppers, it’s because of shoppers in the week days going during lunch and after work.

Sheffield centre is not full of factories, it’s offices for companies providing services and many of them are in I.T.
Quite a lot of qualified professionals live in Rotherham but travel to Sheffield for work because Rotherham has no jobs for those skillsets.
Rotherham has great access to the M1, just like Sheffield. So undercut Sheffields and get businesses to come here.
If we can create office & I.T jobs and the retail sector will flourish.

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1 comment on “I.T companies need to be in Rotherham

  1. I agree totally I think the town center needs to make best uses out of the empty buildings bringing them up to par or doing a complete rebuild so businesses will want to invest buy into the town like I.T companies who are a must I know because I’ve personal connections in that area.

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