Improve community cohesion

I am so disappointed to read some of the Facebook Posts in something called Boston the People, amongst other others.

So many posts are tinged with both direct and indirect racism.

Everytime someone posts something negative, there is a rush to blame ‘foreigners’ with no evidence. The language is unpleasant and inflammatory.

There is a constant criticism of ‘foreign supermarkets’ and fixation on ‘booze and fags’ forgetting Asda snd Tesco both offer a huge variety of…’booze and fags’

The Eastern European supermarkets offer a huge variety of food products, have interesting delicatessen and often baked instore.

If we lived in London, people would be taking photos for their Instagram pages of the produce they were buying but because people fear the unknown , they criticise the offer.we have, and suggest we need to go back to the past…before migration.

We need more community events to promote inclusivity and recognise this diversity makes our town greater not lesser.

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