improve facilities in town

Get rid of the eye sore that is the golden eagle have it replaced with a family pub like a brewsters with a soft play as it has no decent places to eat in town while shopping.
Invest in business owners and get shops pubs or small businesses wanting to rent Empty spaces it’s wanted the little acre micro pub has been a success.

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  1. A motorhome park (Aire) would be a fantastic addition.This pub could join the ‘Pub motorhome stopover’ scheme. Found on facebook. If you supply fresh water and a Cassette disposal point, you would be able to charge about £10 per night per vehicle. This would be money earned on a facility that already exists but is not used overnight. The revenue raised could pay for a security officer/ warden or technology to monitor payment and behaviour. Evidence shows that the presence of properly managed motorhomes deters criminal and anti-social behaviour (an extra pair of eyes). Not only that, but motorhomers are mainly in 40+ demographic (most are retired) and have disposable income to spend on shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. This happens all over France, Spain, Italy and Germany and they generate millions of Euros for them. Undesirable characters tend to avoid properly managed Aires as they don’t want to pay – genuine motorhome tourists are happy to pay for those simple facilities and security. Aires are no competition to hotels, B&Bs or campsites as a large number of motorhomes rarely or never use them and the alternative for them (if nothing specific to them was provided) would be a return to Europe for their travels.

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