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Country Parks and Urban parks are so valuable in getting people of all ages outside and active. The improvements to mental health that these places bring can’t be measured and they are often the hub of a local community, bringing people of all backgrounds together to interact socially. They also provide valuable habitat for a variety of wildlife to flourish with a degree of protection by the Ranger Service. Rotherham’s parks have suffered of late from underinvestment and would benefit greatly from a cash injection to improve/update facilities and park infrastructure making them a real gem for the community, and those further afield, to visit and enjoy.

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24 comments on “Improve Green Spaces

  1. This is great news but maybe it could be extended. There are areas of unused open space across the town. Some privately owned but unused due to refused planning.
    We should look to compulsory purchase these areas and create urban Woodlands with well maintained paths and trails.
    I agree that many of our existing parks need improving but I think increasing the quantity of public green space is the first step then look to develope it.
    Not everyone can access the main parks and many people drive to them. A greater quantity of local green space that people can access with ease will be far more beneficial.
    One example of such an area is the land between the M1 motorway and the Parkway between Catcliffe and brinsworth.
    This could be a great community woodland for local people.

  2. Better maintenance of green spaces. Pruning and clearing debris from paths. Use neglected area to make wildlife habitats. Make specific safe areas for kids to use their bikes.

  3. I agree that Rotherham needs more and better green spaces. The money should also be used to clean up Rotherham. Removing rubbish on roadsides, and on streets including cleaning up paths after the police horses have done their business ( or should this be the police service responsibility?) Wildflowers along roads was a lovely idea but needs some upkeep. Plant more trees. Ensure all housing developments have designated green areas for community activities.

  4. We have nothing here! Swinton in Rotherham used to have a subsidised Swimming baths.

    Manvers needs an entertainment hub. Who cares if it takes money from meadowhall?

    The kids have nothing.

  5. Free car parking in the town centre and at the local parks and green spaces would encourage more people to visit. Also another entrance into parkgate retail world

  6. Trees need planting all over Rotherham, we have a huge shortage. More air purifying plants, trees and shrubs around the parkway.

  7. Stop the toxic tip re opening at droppingwell and save the life’s of people who pay council tax along with cleaner air environment

  8. I feel the urban parks, indoor sports centres and general local community centres need to be at the forefront of this investment.

    This is crucial we look to help tackle the local issues, such as community cohesion, in diverse communities, social isolation with older adults and provide a safe place for young people to be able to attend.

    We need to focus on how can we look to support ongoing issues our communities are facing?

  9. We are very lucky in the Rotherham area that we have great parks and surrounding green areas. I certainly don’t want to see them go down hill but this investment will have a massive impact elsewhere.

  10. We need Sports facilities for young & old ,I have to travel to Sheffield if I want to play tennis indoors the young need green spaces to play & for their wellbeing .Evan looking onto green spaces makes you feel better. We dont need more house building on every bit of available green space that is left we need more trees to help with the emissions from already over crowded areas, and could you please bring back a slide that was removed from Thorpe Hesley play area which was enjoyed by the children .

  11. We used to have a great town centre, full of buzz & atmosphere. People used to come from other towns to visit Rotherham. Its embarrassing going into the outdoor market when only 6 stalls are there on a Saturday? come on, this is shocking !!! Im not saying open more shops but give us back a town centre we are proud of. Pleeeeeeese 😀

    1. The genius Rotherham Council, spend thousands and thousands of pounds to make the “outdoor” market a covered shopping market. Several years later they moved the market stalls outside onto the streets….?
      Just throw the money down the drain and save the time and false effort!

  12. Hi, I would love to run an eco based programme with funding for my charity Remedi.

    We would engage young people from 5 to 16 years of age in creating an environment Hub for them to learn, about the green spaces I Rotherham and set up these in schools and local communities.

  13. Clifton Park has had a lot of funding these last years and has had a major make over, particularly around the childrens play areas.

    I visit the park regularly and I have no issues there with the cleanliness, and have never seen it “over grown”. Im proud of our parks in Rotherham. I know people from other towns who travel to Rotherham just to visit them.

    I think the money would be wasted here.

    1. Just won a green flag award. Perhaps a focus on making parks further out like Bradgate or Barkers safer and more inviting. Bar Park at Thorpe Hesley needs some work as well.

  14. Rotherham is in need of jobs lift people out of benefits. Improving life’s Green spaces are a nice idea but they will not improve Rotherham.

    Make Rotherham better lower rates so companeys can trade again in the town center this creates jobs raises revenue and with the money the council makes it can then do vanity projects.

  15. Around Rotherham we need more huts and parks then it’s getting everyone off the streets , this means they’ll be less crimes going off and the coppers can actually do there job

  16. Couldn’t agree more with the above comment! Our ancient woodlands are being destroyed by off road bikers and Quad bikers . None native species such as Rhododendrons are rampant in neglected Oak and Yew woodlands . You never see children playing in them as you did as a child . We need first class healthy living initiatives to tackle obesity . Popular Sports facilities and schools are potentially underthreat from toxic dust and who knows what else from industrial tipping sites . ( Droppingwell Tip ) We need new initiatives to prevent domestic and sexual abuse of young people and women and first class support for the many victims of sexual abuse our town is now shamefully famous for .

  17. Agreed! Many of our Towns are so run down that we no longer use them. When we visit the park then I usually drive to Graves Park or Millhouses. To have something that can compete with these and on the doorstep would be a real asset.

  18. Provide artificial football pitches on Herringthorpe playing fields base on the St George’s park FA sites.

  19. Create a football sports hub on Herringthorpe playing fields. This should be based on the F A St
    George’s Park sites. Club house and four g pitches

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