Improve Hereford alternative transport

Hereford city is quite compact and flat, therefore ideal for cycling short journeys around the city. There are currently very few dedicated cycle lanes of any worth in the city particularly on main routes in and out of the centre. If cycling was made safe and easily accessible for all I believe thus could greatly reduce car use in the city for short journeys.
Secondly we have a perfect route already set up for a public transport system such as a tram which can run along the old GWR track. This is already set up to run from Belmont/Newton Farm over the River to Sainsburys and on to WideMarsh Common with relatively little effort. The locations would not only be ideal for people travelling in, out and through the centre but could also connect to park and ride scheme. This would be a clean, quiet and efficient system and an opportunity to drag Hereford into the 21st century.

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2 comments on “Improve Hereford alternative transport

  1. Yes, agree with all this and have been saying we should have a tram on the Great Western Way for ages. So many people live on that route and would be easy for them to hop on a tram and leave the car behind. A good pedestrian way and cycle way maintained along side

  2. I do not want a tram along the Great Western Way if it is to the detriment of the pedestrian and cycle paths that already exist.
    Is the path wide enough to give room for all users.

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