Improve ipswich

·Bring park and ride, park and ride needs to be early enough in the morning and late enough in the evening for people to be able to rely on it.
· more safe cycle lanes throughout the town. Encourage people to cycle and walk more to reduce pollution.
·More green areas. The area along the river around the waterfront and the train station should be made in to a park type area.
· encourage businesses to put plants (especially wildlife friendly ones) etc outside there shops to make the town look more appealing.
· more plants and trees in general throughout the town. It is very concretey and depressing to walk around. More plants would pretty it up quite a lot.
· schemes to help people in deprived areas of the town, especially initiatives to stop kids becoming involved in county lines etc.
· reduce business rates and rents to keep town centres alive
· development of any disused building in to residential.
· initiatives to stop litter and keep all areas of the town nice

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