Improve local Bus service

Improve the current bus services, Mablethorpe should have a easy, accessible public bus service connecting to the surrounding villages on the coast such as Marshchapel, North Somercotes, Saltfleet, etc, allowing the residents of both Mablethorpe and these villages to visit each other and make contact and a better bus connection to Grimsby, the first bus from Mablethorpe gets you to Grimsby for half past 11. This could be improved to get people from Mablethorpe to Grimsby for 9 in the morning and would be better meaning access to more vacancies for residents of Mablethorpe.

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7 comments on “Improve local Bus service

  1. I’d like to see a direct bus service from Mablethorpe to Boston, especially the hospital that would run not only during the day but also at night to be able to cover visiting hours.

  2. It is not possible to travel to or from Mablethorpe by public transport during the winter months on a Sunday – there is no bus service at all, as I discovered when I wanted to travel recently. Considering there are established activities during the winter such as the fortnightly motorbike sand racing and the wonderful beach is there year round this is a serious detraction for the local economy.

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