Improve Oldham

Oldham used to be a thriving industrial town bustling with community spirit..Oldham town centre is run down and almost deserted! Bring back tommyfield market, local traders, a reason for people to come visit us.

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37 comments on “Improve Oldham

  1. Hi, although I am promoting my business at the same time I genuinely believe Oldham is need of a big clean. My company is GrimeforceUK and we provide all external cleaning and would love to work alongside the council to deliver Oldham the big clean it deserves.
    Sean Pilkington

  2. Begin the process of moving to renewables. I haven’t seen any of these extremely important changes being made in Oldham.

    Bring back the flea market at Tommy field market, this is a valuable opportunity to reduce landfill waste. Incentives to sell and swap. Textiles are a major cause of environmental degradation.

    Add more greenary in the town centre. I must add, the recent improvements to the town centre over the past few years have been incredible. Keep up the good work.

    Social care and community building:

    Investment in sport clubs at schools, campaigns that support proactive participation. Rewards for parents if their children join after school clubs. I advise strict attendence monitoring

    Free comedy and theatre workshops with a focus on confidence building.

    Community grants with low interest rates to help prevent bankrupcy and unnecessary debt. This is likely to reduce cases of anti social behaviour.

    Set up weekly budgeting groups, with “best saver of the week” (similar format to slimming world etc)

    Road safety MUST be brought back into schools.

  3. Oldham over the years has become a shantytown full of fast food phone shops pound shops dirty euro shops born and bred here but when I go to other parts of the world we look like a third world Th e council that are in now are not fit for purpose corrupt and bent only put money on areas were they will get the votes ie Werneth coppice extra.Bins need emptying more instead of 3weekly I live in Hathershaw and this as become a haven for landlords who rent out to anyone bringing the area down further rubbish just dumped in backings at the side of roads I’m sick of it

  4. Improve local transport links expand the tram services and develop better educational and community hubs where education health social care and community provisions sit side by side integrate services

  5. (1) Do with the ramshackle Tommyfield Market what Altrincham did with theirs. If it can work there, it can work here.
    (2) Get rid of that appalling cheap retail estate on the south side of the by-pass across from Sainsbury’s. Extend the excellent Alexandra Park into it, and thereby into the town centre (as is the case in Rochdale); make the place look attractive
    (3) Demolish every eyesore on the tram line in from Manchester. A constant embarrassment to me and business visitors always mention them. The fact the Hartford Mill botanical gardens were in that state for 15 years is a disgrace.
    Ok, this would probably cost a lot more than 25m but you’ve got to start somewhere.

    1. Oh, and I’ll add a fourth. Come up with the cash that was needed for the new Coliseum Theatre. If you put a top-class venue in a town it will pay for itself in the long-term. Just look at Bury (again). The myopia that influenced the decision to sack it was breath-taking. But it would have to be well-used with many more events when the theatre is not being used for plays than there are now, including world-class artists.

  6. Bring back Tommyfield market it was the epicenter of the town until the council stupidly ran it down and destroyed it. Invest properly and it would have the potential for Oldham to become a destination point rather than the embarrassment the Council has let it become

    1. Please please please sort the goddamn bin situation out! In Oldham the black bins where the majority of the waste gets put is only emptied once every three weeks. Were a family of three and it is not enough. We also have a small child under one who goes through nappies like they’re nothing. Please sort it out.

  7. Uppermill is under immense pressure due to traffic and footfall. Planning has focused on increasing night time economy takeaways etc Action needs to be taken to improve screening outside pubs and street furnishing and signage. Paving is in a poor state. Only have to compare it to lovely Holmfirth who have taken great pride in preserving their heritage, the same consideration should be given to Uppermill.

  8. Places like Chester have changed their dying in door market into an independent food hub with open seating areas and live music on a weekend. It doesn’t have to stay open late and there’s already a pub in the indoor market now which is a great start! Let’s encourage more independent people and businesses to open up eaterys too!

  9. Shaw and Crompton Health Centre is in need of a refurbishment, more parking available for people using the health centre, NHS dentist on site would be ideal as only 2 in local area and are obviously fully booked, invest in the Roulyal Oldham Hospital, allow more funding to a hospital with long waits across the A&E department for both adult and child. Or even attach a GP service to the A&E department and allow Triage to delegate where patients need to go, I.e. if your not in need of emergency care which a lot of people do abuse A&E for, then triage can direct you to make an appointment with a GP similar to ICC walk in care. Basically Improve Oldhams GP, NHS services.

  10. It’ll take a good few years and a lot of money, but Oldham has great potential.

    We’re so lucky to be near a big city like Manchester that is booming at the minute. The high costs of city living make Manchester unaffordable for a lot of young people, which is why places like Charlton and Didsbury are on the rise.

    Mumps is 30 minutes to Manchester on the tram. Invest in flats for young professionals and encourage Manchester workers to live in Oldham.

    1. The problem with that Michael is that few people have moved into the town centre apartments at Mumps that have already been built. I doubt many developers would take the risk, with or without government support. As I understand it the ‘boom area’ is Failsworth and New Moston, close to the tram stop and just four stops from Victoria. Potentially a long-term northern equivalent of Chorlton.

  11. Please can you help Shaw, for years the council has shut down many facilities whilst investing heavily in Royton. We have no swimming baths no youth centre and our health centre is the oldest one in the ccg

    1. Start by tidying up the frontage of the town invest in bringing in community pride by helping streets look clean. Promote businesses that give nice outdoor spaces like at parliament square in the town centre subsidise business rates to encourage new business that promote independent shops. Develop stronger community links to make us of space and reclaim derelict or wasted space by allowing it to be purchased or used for community projects… develop Pride in our town and community reclaim our local, regional and national symbols around the town as well as international symbols that promote pride in our communities.

  12. Please, please, please could we have some money spent in Shaw and Crompton? Our Market has all but gone, along with our Swimming Baths. The High Street is so run down and we need someone to recognise that and help us back on to our feet. Which will be doubly difficult judging by the state of the pavements and roads in High Crompton. Either that or put the money in an envelope and send it to me – I shall arrange for pavement and road repairs myself, before I expire.

  13. It’s too late for Oldham! The council has done its best to take the market to the point of no return! Turning the out door market into a car park. We do however have the Metrolink tram system where local older folk visit Bury on market days because of the free ride out (£10 per year cost to use for over 65’s) and where Bury is the end of the line with a fabulous town (all credit to Bury council), if the Government is looking at investment in Oldham it really needs to look into the current actions of the labour council before showing them the money. In my opinion I would like to see a drop in council tax instead of the hikes we see every year!

  14. I think that the Medlock bridal paths in Oldham, Greenacres, Waterhead, Strinesdale, Lees Brook should cleaned up, maintained and improved with a nature booth & pop up craft stalls also bins to be installed, bridges to be replaced were flooding has affected which was reported to Oldham council in which they did nothing.
    a nature walk, with little seating area made by local artists, wooden stands of the history of Oldham & what once was, as it ajoins to many of the local schools & neighbourhoods it would be beneficial to everyone in the area.

  15. Give people a reason to come to Oldham, there’s too many chicken shops and dilapidated buildings. Give the people something to see and do

    1. I completely agree! Encourage people to go to Oldham by having more shops for 1. Spindles used to have New Look and Topshop now it’s full of cheap shops. Entertainment too. Invest in more things to do in the area and make the pubs safer to visit.

  16. Suggest how the market would be sustainable? Markets are targeted to an audience of mainly retired or unemployed. Given the status of vendors currently operating on the market, and the strong correlation between the above segments of society and racist views I don’t see its reputation ever getting to the point where it would be a sustainable investment for the council to make… i agree money should and could be spent on bringing people in to the town, but this wouldn’t be through a run down market. Push funds into a new theatre school with ties to the colliseum, push funds into a new music school with ties to a proper music venue.. these things will keep people in the town and build up tourism.. there’s too many small community incentives without a centralised town centre initiative

  17. I have lived in Oldham for 50 years. It has significantly deteriorated in that time. I no longer shop in the town centre as there are no decent clothes shops. I also no longer go out in Oldham at night as I no longer feel safe.
    There are vast inequalities across the borough, I.e. schools, dental and doctors surgeries etc. The roads near repair and streets need cleaning. There is so much fly tipping (which I know the council are trying to address).
    There have been significant local cuts in both council and nhs budgets which have had a significant impact on the borough. This has impacted people’s health and both reduced services and support.

  18. Oldham has sucked the life blood out of surrounding towns like a giant money eating black hole. High time that The town of Shaw see some investment currently we have a health center that looks like a collection of 1950’s prefab garages and absolutely no leisure facilities. Build a leisure centre with a swimming baths.

  19. In order to get Oldham town centre more attractive you need to offer more variety, having a young family myself the town centre doesn’t offer much in the way for family days out or fun cheap activities that can attract more families and bring life back to the town instead of it being drawn away to another arena

  20. Bring back real retailers to the town centre and improve the market. That will bring more footfall in to the town centre area.
    Couple that with leisure and that will bring in money

  21. Oldham needs more youth centres for kids with more better facilities, where they can attend regularly. And also invest in the whole outlook of Oldham’s streets and housing to give a better appearance

  22. The town would be nicer to visit if crime and anti social behaviour was lowered. To improve this more jobs should be created in the town and surrounding suburbs to reduce unemployment and tackle poverty

  23. I’m sorry but this would be a waste of this funding. Oldham town centre has been poorly planned for many years. Millions have been wasted and the footfall remains very poor. A small market in this town, similar to that in other OMBC towns, is all that is needed by the local community.
    It would be foolhardy to think a large market would be a draw for increased footfall or traders. Other towns in OMBC need this investment more. They have been neglected at the expense of Oldham town for many years.
    There is the potential to make the surrounding towns vibrant hubs but this will be repeatedly hampered whilst funding is repeatedly ploughed into Oldham.
    OMBC need to realise that online shopping and the proximity of Manchester City centre and the Trafford Centre, etc, etc are critical factors in Oldhams decline as a large town centre. Combined with the dispersed planning and generally ugly appearance there is no chance of them turning this around.
    The local community in Oldham is amongst the most disadvantaged nationally, they need an accessible centre that meets their needs. This should be the focus for any further planning for the Oldham town centre.
    This funding should be invested in the surrounding towns of Failsworth, Royton, Shaw, Chadderton, Lees and Saddleworth, creating vibrant and appealing local hubs, with shops and services that will appeal to the needs of each community.
    On line shopping plus local hubs/ markets, combined with the large city centre shopping districts and large shopping parks are the way things are moving. To have a real impact distributing this funding should bear that in mind.

    1. Invest in the community, Oldham needs it’s local youth centres back in areas like Failsworth, Chadderton, Werneth, Glodwick and Limeside. We need better and more sporting facilities, football pitches, 3G surfaces. Regenerate the town centre, so you can bring big brands like New Look and Superdrugs. Invest in local parks, invest in policing so the community can be safe again.

  24. I think there are far more worthy causes.The sad truth is that Oldham town centre isn’t fit for purpose and has been poorly planned for many years. Millions wasted and still a very poor footfall. This is just another foolish idea to try to get traders and shoppers back into Oldham. It will not work. The local Oldham town residents may use it but it is not going to attract shoppers from the surrounding towns in OMBC. A small market for the local community is probably all that is needed, much as you get in other OMBC towns. So spread the money across the OMBC towns – at least then we might see some benefits for the investment.

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