Improve rail services

Loughborough is ideally located between Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, and is only around an hour from each of London, Birmingham and Sheffield.

With such poor and overpriced rail connectivity, however, it does not benefit from its location anywhere near as much as it could or should do. Travellers are held hostage to extortionate prices to get to towns and cities that should be within easy reach. This is detrimental to business, residents, the environment (as more people opt to drive), and to the growth of Loughborough as a town as visitors are deterred from making the trip.

On top of this, the train station is cast adrift from the rest of the town, without any meaningful bus service to get people to their trains on time. There is a regular bus shuttle from the university for students, but the vast majority of local residents face a significant walk from the town centre (where most bus services start and end), or an expensive taxi ride to the train station.

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6 comments on “Improve rail services

  1. Agree with the option for a bus to the train station which would also take some of the pressure off the train car parking. It also makes travel to Leicester by train far easily.

  2. I agree. A direct train to Birmingham would be fantastic. Also, an easier bus route to the station would benefit Loughborough residents greatly.

  3. I’d like to see a ‘circular’ style bus service that connects the station with the town centre as well as the outer areas like Grange Park, Nanpantan etc.

  4. why is it that so many trains bypass Loughborough and favour east midlands parkway on the way through to Nottingham and back towards London.
    why can’t all trains passing through stop at Loughborough?
    it would certainly reduce overcrowding on peak time trains.

  5. Extending public transport to the railways station from the outlying areas of the town would make it much more accessible, without having to get into the middle of town first.

  6. Absolutely right.
    Given that we (probably) can’t move the railway station we need a regular bus service to and from the station and the centre of town.

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