Improve Rural broadband (sustainable)

For nearly two decades now I have been assisting people and businesses with internet access across Teesdale and there have been several projects to implement broadband to hard to reach areas but they are nearly always unsustainable. There are many outlying areas that still dont have decent broadband or any broadband but any delivery of any rural broadband scheme needs to be sustainable and not just available until the money runs out. I believe its something the new Tory MP Dehenna Davidson promised to deliver during the election campaign. I have contacted her to offer my assistance in this project but so far no reply. I work with UTASS who look after 500 farms and rural businesses in the region and it is in my opinion something that is holding many businesses back.

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9 comments on “Improve Rural broadband (sustainable)

  1. Broadband definitely needs to be improved in the rural areas, I work from home and rely on a decent broadband speed – the speed constantly drops and the costs are too high!

  2. For years now it has been said ,that Eldon lane is going to be up graded .been said many times over the last 25 years or more .it’s as if it’s like the place that time has forgotten . Come on do something for the community of Eldon lane

  3. The Council to lower shop rental prices encouraging businesses back to Bishop Auckland and Crook, we need thriving retail to help with economy and jobs. Swimming baths in Crook and Woodhouse Close Swimming baths to be updated, (the whole building.) More social areas, cinemas, childrens/Adults leisure,
    i. e. Soft play, ten pin bowling, crazy golf, play areas, cinemas, swimming baths, allow pleasure and exercise.

  4. Must admit i live down escomb and its horrendous i bet there are 3rd world countries with better internet and its not as if its cheap either

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