Improve shopping centre

Improve the town centre by adding designer shops such as (selfridges, flannels, footlocker), I feel this would be good as we have no up to date shops like this meaning people of redditch much travel elsewhere for shops like there. I feel like we need more bars within the centre which are well managed and possibly another nightclub to add to the night life, also the possibility of opening something for youngsters to do such as a an arcade
or bowling alley as once again you have to travel far from redditch for these things, even adding improvements to the cinema would be a good idea. Although there are many food places inside the centre I feel like we need to add more upbeat restaurants such as (Frankie and bennys, Jimmy spices, five guys) instead of encouraging the people of redditch to eat from fast food places junk. Once again all the places stated the Poole of redditch have to travel elsewhere for and it would be good if that weren’t the case

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