Improve the ambience

We have some wonderful places in the City like the Cathedral, King and Castle Streets, etc. Unfortunately, some other parts are rather ugly (Eg Eign Road and Eign Street). These areas need brightening up. (For example: Eign Road pavements could be considerably narrower, to allow for a nice boulevard into the City). Ordinances should be introduced to ensure that property owners/renters keep the exteriors of their properties attractive. The whole of Rotherwas and The Enterprise Zone should be compelled to introduce neutral colors to the exteriors of their buildings (at the moment they look horrible from hills outside the City…..WHY would a red building be necessary? (Its hardly advertizing). Nobody wants an ugly red building or a four storey huge new “shed” to look at). Introduce a grass median onto Commercial Road with trees, to make another nice boulevard. Make Newtown Road more attractive also. Put a bridge from Rotherwas to the Checkley Road at Mordiford. Make that the east bypass

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