4 comments on “Improve the one way system

  1. I live on the one way system and its horrendous traffic, numerous accidents which have seen cars plummet through neighbours fences, police and sirens flying up the street at all hours, no one has any regard for the speed limit on a road that is majority an older community

  2. The ‘bus system on the whole is pretty good – a vast improvement on my previous so-called service (in another part of the UK!). But is would be enormously helpful if the notice boards informing travellers when the ‘buses are en route could be maintained so that they can be credible – as much as possible? And, if ‘buses are ahead of schedule, that the drivers slow down so that they arrive on time, or late-ish, rather than early, and cause elderly folk to just miss their vital connection? Has happened often lately – and it is SOOOO annoying.

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