Improve the Town Centre

The range of shops are not conducive to spending time in town . West Street is a European shop , I have no personal use for the drapery , nor for the low standard takeaways . Emery lane is much the same except it has a cash generator at the high street end , dolphin lane has a very nice butchers and the florist / greengrocers is useful , pescod square needs a wash and someone to fill the shops , charity shops I don’t think attract people with money to spend , conversely , oldrids , cammacks and the other shop that’s excessively upmarket have no attraction for the majority of the population , there’s just not enough money about to draw lots of people in . Wide bargate is the most varied , complete with betting shops , closed shops , shops of dubious reputation a defunct pub and pen street , pen street , desperately trying to be upper crust.

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