Improve the town centre

Make it more appealing – clean up the streets, get rid of the weeds and smarten up the shop fronts.

It looks so run down and unappealing right now.

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10 comments on “Improve the town centre

  1. The main Street is a disgrace most of the shop buildings are empty & on a Saturday the other ones shut for half a day who wants to come & ship in millom it’s a joke.

    1. Hi Alfie pal,I think the main problem is that the sandwich & pie shops are closing by 1pm on week days,yet you go to any other town & they are open till at least 3pm,if they are to take advantage of the jobs coming from Sellafield to the old library then they need to stay open later as are a few other shops rather than this part time shop keeper mentality otherwise how can the town flourish??.

  2. The thing that makes me sad are all the front streets/back streets with grass and weeds, sometimes growing up to three feet in places, it makes the town look so neglected and uncared for.
    Most of the townsfolk love living in Millom, we have a very strong community feel good factor that some town’s would die for.
    Let’s spend some money on keeping the town tidy & more welcoming to visitors.
    Encourage new businesses into the town by doing something about all the empty shops and try reducing the council tax to make it easier for them to make a living

  3. I work in the square and comming from a big town to live here we need to help local business by upgrading the town so it encourages people and holiday makers to shop with us and have a fantastic time so they can tell there friends and want to come back every year word of mouth and experience goes a long way

  4. Improve the junction of Crown street and Lapstone road by removing the pavement extension outside Mr Wok’s, Removing this pavement extension would improve the traffic flow and stop it coming to a stand still when 2 or more cars converge on the junction

  5. The chap who cleans the park toilets has been weeding around town the old fashioned way. Not so long back he was out with brush, shovel, wheelbarrow etc on foot. He does a good job but the town is too big for him to do alone. Just wanted to point out that someone is trying to improve the area & don’t want him to go unnoticed.

    1. Why can’t there be more volunteer groups to do things like this? If we can’t do some of things that are within our control, at no or low cost, how can we convince others to invest in us.

  6. The town centre is in time warp. since our main industry was taken away in 1969 the square is
    Full of beautiful buildings that need life pumping back into then the heritage of our town was built on iron ore. our ancestors would be horrified at the decline. bring in the money and make others see once more the Millom we love

    1. Mike Starkie was running a program where local shops could apply to have there shop fronts cleaned/ brightened up. It was down to the owners to apply for funding.

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