Improve traffic congestion on Grimston Road

Improve the traffic congestion along the Grimston Road into the town.
A new road is needed to alleviate this problem. The road cannot cope with the amount of traffic any long. An alternative needs to be found!

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2 comments on “Improve traffic congestion on Grimston Road

  1. Any one who lives on or near Grimston Road, South Wootton knows that traffic has increased exponentially over the last five years. Since lockdown in March, there has been even more as people have taken to their cars rather than the buses.
    Leaving Langley Road (Asda) to turn right is almost impossible and causes tailbacks, even for those turning left.
    A roundabout is urgently needed

  2. Believe it or not, according to the County Council’s evidence to the Planning Committee which decided to refuse the controversial Knights Hill 600 home development, traffic levels on Grimston Road have reduced each year since about 2012. Many will find that unbelievable but that is what the County says but it does acknowledge that it is straining at capacity limits at certain times of the day. That has been accepted by the Secretary of State when he approved the development. So, the County view is to do little as regards Grimston Road.

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