Improve traffic flow and Air Quality, Boost Economy

A previous plan was to replace the Swing Bridge with a road bridge.
If a new bridge could be combined with a lock to give water level management, then traffic flow would improve, air quality would be better.
The lock would give waterside development , boost the economy with visitors so the shops, visitor attractions would all benefit.

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2 comments on “Improve traffic flow and Air Quality, Boost Economy

  1. If I recall correctly, the plan was not to replace the swing bridge but to build a new road bridge in that vicinity. There were very good reasons why that bridge was never built…

  2. The swing bridge takes rail freight to the dock – very important to retain this and it swings to let fishing boats thro’ it. The more that goods could use the line into the Dock, less heavy traffic would cross the Haven Bridge; improving air quality and require less needing to turn right onto Skirbeck Road. Maybe also a bridge to take the A16 over the railway and lobby for improved rail services to Boston. Probably outside of scope for Town Deal?
    Would it be better to develop existing buildings near river rather than demolishing them to make way for cafes etc? Most are of historic importance although of higgledy-piggledy appearance. High Street could do with tidying up but it’s old houses and shops are part of the “character” of Boston.

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