Improve walking and cycling infrastructure

Develop high quality and continuous cycle network city wide and beyond, and make Worcester a cycling hub and example of best practice in the Midlands. Aim for a transformation of how people move around the city.

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4 comments on “Improve walking and cycling infrastructure

  1. I agree with the proposal and the comments. However Worcester is a hilly City and so we should encourage the hire and sale of electric bikes, as the University does with its Woo hire scheme.

    I support the Worcester Green Party’s Travel Vision 2020 proposals: Section 3 Walking & Cycling and Maps 1-9. This is available on this Party’s website under ‘Policies’

  2. As mentioned the city suffers from car congestion. The town centre is pedestrian oriented, so it would benefit all if the city had a network of cycle lanes, safely separated from the roads, into and out of the city centre. These coupled with the means to safely secure cycles would encourage more people to use cycles for local journeys, thus reducing traffic congestion, while improving air quality.

  3. I think you need a lot more debate with local cycling clubs and experienced cyclists rather than debate with people who are seldom gonna use it.

  4. The City suffers from congestion and car induced air pollution. We have a growing obesity problem. Much of the ‘City’s’ massive increase in population that will compound the problem is in suburban locations in adjacent Districts where there will be limited retail, service and employment facilities. This is only going to compound existing problems. Yet the vast majority of residents local car journeys are less than three miles. Many of these journeys could be undertaken on foot or more importantly by bicycle. Unfortunately the more congested our roads get the fewer people that will cycle (or walk) due to perceived risks. As the Diglis ‘pedways’ have proven, building safer, good quality and attractive routes helps promote modal shift. More are needed. This is however pointless if permanently open routes aren’t provided into and thorugh the City Centre.

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