Improve warsop

Recently we have been promised little supermarkets to replace spaces in our town that has been run down however the plug has been pulled on this several times. I believe that we NEED a supermarket such as an aldi or lidl as it is cheap and easy to afford; in our town we have no supermarket type shops only convenience type shops which we cant do a good food shop in we need a food shop in which we can buy like a proper weekly shop instead of venturing out to shirebrook or mansfield as some people cant get there any more due to the asda bus being cancelled a few years ago. I have talked to numerous people in my town and they all agree we need a supermarket NOW. We could also do with revamping the bingo hall to a bingo/arcade/social hangout place as it will give the elderly and also the younger generation something to do with their time other than plod around the streets till late at night or go out on the booze; it will suit all ages due to having abit of something for everyone.

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