Improved access at Morley Railway Station

At the present time users of Morley Railway Station travelling from the direction of Leeds have to exit the platform via steps and a bridge, this means that people in wheelchairs, with prams or of limited mobility end up travelling to Dewsbury to come back again so they can exit via a ramp (or stairs) to the car park / access roads.

The station desperately needs a ramp putting on the other platform, perhaps linking with the existing bridge to mitigate this issue.

Additionally a pair of proper waiting rooms and some kind of facilities would be a real bonus. Due to the remote location of the station you have to wait for the next train to arrive if you happen to have a call of nature.

Finally car parking needs to be increased and in an ideal world some kind of shuttle bus system to the town centre would really encourage the use of the railway and hopefully cut down on car journeys.

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