Improved bus service

There are currently no buses in the evening from Stapleford Town to Beeston Town , leaving Stapleford isolated and not able to take advantage of the facilities Beeston has to offer or to encourage Beeston residents to visit the restaurants clubs and bars in stapleford. In this day and age this is terrible , Stapleford local buses going around the residential areas in the daytime is a full size bus , with very few passengers, surely these buses could be reduced in size and frequency to allow a service to run in the evenings .

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6 comments on “Improved bus service

    1. Toton Lane tram stop is a 10-minute walk from the centre of Stapleford, and therefore not convenient for people who live in other parts of Stapleford

    2. Does the shopper bus still exist. Does it include the tram stop? If not, that would be a great bit of transport integration. Extend it into some evenings weekly or for special events eg Oxjam. And the other way to bring people to events in Stapleford.

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