Improved cultural facilities – Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre

Declining local authority funding and a competitive funding environment makes improving the cultural offer at the Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre even more difficult.

Trustees want to embark on an ambitious project to develop the Carnegie into a cultural community hub which extends the reach to those who the new Arts Council strategy wants to enrich their lives with direct access to cultural facilities which provide education and enjoyment for all.

With declining local authority funding it is becoming increasingly difficult to develop these far reaching projects let alone continue to offer the programme, community classes and educational programme (music centre) that the Carnegie does offer. Without funding it is likely the Carnegie will suffer the same as many other cultural venues like it – it will close.

Funding to allow the Carnegie to stretch its reach, understand what it needs to be and develop into that future ready cultural venue will lift up the town and borough

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3 comments on “Improved cultural facilities – Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre

  1. The Carnegie supports a lot fo communty groups in the town, its a great place and could be even better as a community hub, theatre and venue for live music, the staff have some fantastic ideas on what they could do but alas without funding it cannot acheive its potential. Its a historic building and is running a lot of equipment that is almost of a similar vintage, it needs funding to grow and eveolve but also to replace old equipment, that isn’t energy efficient and past its prime. I regularly attend events in the Carnegie and it has hosted some huge names in music, comedy and theatre in the past, please help it to continue.

  2. As users of the Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre, we fully support this application, since the Carnegie Trust was established in 2015. The variety of entertainment (cultural activities) in the Theatre and quality as increased (dancing, rock, pop, musicals, comedy, touring shows, children’s shows, pantomimes, music festivals, beer festivals, opera, film, etc ….) and is becoming a centre for the all the community. The volunteers (from the community) that man the font of house provide a professional friendly experience. The trustees continue to make improvements to the building which makes the experience of visiting the Theatre and Arts Centre a positive and always continuously improving. Whilst at the Theatre shows we have chatted with visitors from Southampton, London, Newcastle etc all have travelled to Workington to see the entertainment and helped the local economy by staying in hotels, buying food, gifts etc.

    The local Theatre Groups (which are charities), Workington Amateur Operatic Society; Workington And District Amateur Musical Society and Maryport Amateur Operatic Society all have thriving junior sections (probably 100+ children/youth plus the adults) who stage both the adult and junior shows at the Carnegie Theatre, The members of these societies encompass a wide range of the local community and provide opportunities for the children and youth to be creative and learn skills in a safe environment and to showcase their talents.

    There are educational, dancing, singing and musical classes held in the arts centre, but to increase the community use. We believe that there are parts of the building which are underutilised. To use the building more effectively for the community and to maintain/improve the theatre, then the right level of financial support and capital investment to improve accessibility, energy efficiency (being sympathetic to the architecture heritage and the environment) needs to be made, so to improve the existing cultural facilities and provide new ones for the local community.

    The potential demise of the Theatre and Centre would damage the community, hence as local residents we hope you look favourably on this application.

  3. The Carnegie is an amazing facility for the community.From the regular theatre performances to the ongoing productions for the school performances.Money should be put into the Carnegie to ensure it continues to benefit the community.

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