Improved public transport, cycle lanes and walking

The A49 (a direct link to the minority wishing to pass THROUGH the city) should have no restrictions or stoppages. Remove the traffic lights that hold up this traffic for no reason – especially at peak times.
The rest of the city should have dedicated cycle lanes and be a priority along with walking. Open up the Great Western Way for safer cycling and walking (divide it into two lanes for safer passage) and light it up too. Think about a light railway looping the city. It’s time we all think about how we move and the future. No doubt there will be the same old lot banging on about a bypass (that’d be used by less than the 15% through traffic), but we’ve got to adjust to the new ‘new’ and create a greener future for those of us lucky enough to survive this worldwide wake-up call. We’ve all changed and our minds have to shift too. No more ‘knee-jerk’ reaction of the ‘lets build a bypass’ rant – it’s unthinkable now to say we’d willingly revert to how we were. Change is a coming

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