Improved rail links

How about putting back the trainlines between Ormskirk-Southport and Preston-Southport to increase visitor numbers to the town and encourage businesses to set up here.

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12 comments on “Improved rail links

  1. This would be great, it may also encourage the students in Ormskirk to travel out here more often and increase the footfall in the area. Improved links to Manchester also improves job opportunities for those living here in Southport

  2. We also need train stations in areas such as Crossens and Churchtown so that they have connections to Liverpool/Manchester and possibly Preston and Ormskirk. At the minute, we can only get buses and this is very time consuming.

  3. Reduce the travel time to Manchester. With the city growing so fast, more people are living in apartments without cars. Southport should become easier to access via train. People love going to the beach in the summer. They would do so more often if the travel time was less and the town was cleaner with buzzing shops, bars and restaurants. The idea of an updated theme park would also bring people to the area. Alton towers is hard to access with pubic transport and Blackpool has a bad reputation due to all the partying.

  4. Improving links between Southport and Manchester (including the airport) will improve job opportunities for the residents of Southport. Improved links are also required to Preston and Ormskirk. Improving amenities in and around Southport station. Arriving by train into Southport gives the visitor a poor first impression of the town.

  5. Improved train conditions, more guards actually walking through carriages on journeys, as a young woman I often feel scared on the trains as men think it’s okay to make inappropriate comments and make young girls feel uncomfortable and there is never a guard around to tell
    Have also been on a train where a woman has been extremely intoxicated, smoking on the carriage, walking up and down in between carriages, all when her very young daughter was with her and the guard didn’t even bat an eyelid

  6. Having better rail links will improve job opportunities and reduce the need for a car, which is becoming ever more important with climate change. This is better use of government investment than the other options, which may be able to work with private investment

  7. We need better choice on the train networks to Southport . Would be good to have connections to Ormskirk for hospital purposes as we have to travel there regularly now. Trains to Preston and Burscough would be great too.

  8. improved rail links would bring consumers from Lancashire to the new improved lord street, plus would be fantastic for the youth of the town to know they can get the train direct to university, nightmare getting to ormskirk

  9. I love this idea, it seems silly that Ormskirk and Southport are so close but the public transport is so poor between them. It would be great to get to Preston from Southport without getting an unreliable bus.

  10. Yes you could do this ,What is there when Visitors Arrive nothing .I was talking to a few Ladies on a day trip from Morecambe last week ,they ask me what they could do ,I didn’t even have a Answer.

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