Improved transport links (buses)

‘Express’ bus routes from major towns & cities such as Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester, Doncaster, Sheffield, at least during the summer, to get visitors to the town as fast as possible along the woefully inadequate road network. These have operated in the past to Skegness and can work for Mablethorpe.

Full 7 day a week services throughout the year so that it is possible to get to/from Lincoln, Grimsby, Skegness or Boston. Timetables should include later evening buses for Fridays & Saturdays. There are currently no services at all on Sundays during the winter months making it difficult for visitors to enjoy the regular Motorbike sand racing or walk our wonderful beaches when they are quieter than in the summer (and when dogs can freely roam!)

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2 comments on “Improved transport links (buses)

  1. This is a very good idea. The lack of buses on a Sunday also resricts job opportunities. If you rely on public transport for work it is obviously an issue.

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