Improvements / Modernisation of Stocksbridge Drainage Systems

This is March 2020 and this village as well as this country and around the globe is experiencing horrific effects and dangerous effects of the climate changes and the global warming effects of today. The rainfalls are much heavier and the summers are overly drought, the ground soils are setting hard like concrete. When the rainfalls arrive the water no longer soaks into the ground, it over rides the hard concrete like grounds and gushes down to the valley bottom. The dams and rivers rise much higher than ever recorded before. Almost to bursting point. It is all the homes and shops in the bottom of the valley that experience the floodings. Poor old fashioned drainage systems are unable to cope with the heavier rainfalls. The river don needs clearing out and perhaps making wider and deeper. Water drains need to be cleared and unblocked frequently. We have seen lots of flooding in the village over recent months. The damage the water does to the roads and creates pot holes.

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