Improvements to the town.

Face lift on dated, tired looking market st and high st. Invest and encourage independent small businesses. Build community facilities to support the growth of housing being built. Have a centralised shopping area with affordable units for small businesses. Current structure is scattered, add- hoc and fragmented.Have a range of shops, not just big companies. Open up blocked roads that were put in during the Tesco phase. Encourage enterprise by having pop up shops or a real ‘market place’ for stalls or undercover stalls.

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1 comment on “Improvements to the town.

  1. The tesco road system is utterly biased against the town centre and needs to be addressed. They paid someone well for that trick. The signs from the motorway to the a61 divert traffic via tesco too. Shameful.
    We used to have a market but it faded away. But small shops and market stalls need local people to support them by buying from them.
    The card shop and the strawberry basket had to close as people just went to tescos.

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