Improving Rotherham

I think Rotherham needs to be free parking and shops need bring back to the town centre. When I first came to live in Rotherham I would go to town every Saturday to do my shopping we had high street shops now we have nothing only coffee shops and charity shops. The rents on places need to be reduced to get people to take them up. We need more some nice restaurants Indian, Italian, Chinese, Greek so the night life improves as well as the day time use of Rotherham. It just looks dull and drab at present time it does not inspire you to go. More place’s like the George Wright Boutique need to open in Rotherham. This is one place that I do visit as they have made it so nice and inviting.
People do not feel safe in the city center of Rotherham anymore.
The council offices/ library got move to the edge of the city center so people do not go in the center now, they drive to that side or get of the bus that side and back on it again at that side. COME ON LETS BRING ROTHERHAM CENTRE BACK.

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  1. in addition the council need to set high standards for shop frontage even an empty shop can be made to look lovely. if council spend once on the shop frontage utilizing easy change signage and do not allow every tenant free design license.
    a lot of other town centres have used this approach and it seems to work wonders.
    Be progressive rather than hiding behind average national statistics.

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