Improving the local economy

Lowestoft has a lovely beach, with lovely shops and little cafes. However the beach its self is always a pain to go to ass the facilities like parking is a hastle and often pricey. Also it would be great if there was more toilet and shower cases along the sea front and the ones already there are scarce and often dirty or full. Improving all of these could bring I more tourists meaning local businesses can thrive bringing in more .kney witch can only be spent back into the local economy with workers going down town. The problems down town are also a ig deal. These days when you go into town it just feels dirtyer and dirtier each time I visit witch is becoming less and less because of how disgusting it is. All of these ideas should be considered to make lowestoft the big town that it used to be and not some run town. Also I would really like another air show like there used to be because of the memories I used to have from it and everyone can agree with me.

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