Inclusive Sports Facilities

Recent investment in the town has provided two fantastic 3G (football only) Astroturf pitches, Flamingo Land Stadium (New) and the resurface of Pindar Leisure Centre (from a multi sports surface to football only). Whist investment in sport is a great thing for the area, is it inclusive to other areas of the sports community.
Other Artificial Grass Pitches (AGP’s) can provide a playing surface for multiple sports such as hockey and tennis as well as being a popular surface for football to play on. The Everyone Active managed site in Pickering is one of these that caters for the wider community. Scarborough has removed the only multi sport community surface and replaced it with a football only surface.
Can future investments in the town look at improvements that can support the wider sports community in Scarborough, without removing much needed resources from other community sports clubs.

A greater variety of reasons reasons to visit the town can help increase the local economy.

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  1. Further to this, if the outside space was transformed round Scarborough Sports Village, trees, bushes, seasonal bulbs, benches (at the correct height not on the floor like in Town!) along with a sensory garden and free outside gym area that is accessible to everyone (not just those with a disposable income).

    The council owns the land round the Sports Village so there is no reason it can’t be extended, more parking spaces (with planting and lights that are turned on) and multi use accessible sports areas.

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