Independent retailers

A lot of stores are now empty in the town centre. It would be lovely to see independent retailers take over the stores, perhaps funding could be used to tidy up the insides and provide some generic shop fittings, together with help for rental costs during start-up.

This won’t just make the town look better, local shops help the local economy to flourish.

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7 comments on “Independent retailers

  1. The town centre looks dreadful now. Even the market is shrinking. Get those business rates sorted and help people run good, small businesses for local people and help those trying to survive.

  2. Loughborough town centre is awash with coffee shops, tea rooms & betting shops. Hardly anywhere to buy mens clothes since Burtons & Greenwoods closed down. M&S could be massively improved by selling more clothes including a younger range!

  3. Yes totally agree with the others – the town centre is dying a slow death – needs indies to breathe life back into it. Lower (subsidised?) rents, maybe shared spaces and multi purpose spaces – indie businesses, repair cafes etc more community led. It’s going to need to be more experience and service led than old fashioned retail I think.

    Oh and definitely a zero waste shop. I run a local business (online) and couldn’t contemplate a retail space due to rents and overheads.

    Though this is all secondary to healthcare and homelessness obviously.

  4. We should look at a variety of ways to encourage small independent retailers as they can bring character to the town centre. Business rate relief, start up grants and units would all help

  5. I am fed up with our friends, who are independents, having to “shut up shop” because they can’t afford to survive.

  6. There should be stimulus packages or tax reliefs for new independent businesses. The current situation in Loughborough is dire, with only the main chained stores here.

  7. I would love to see more small independent businesses being supported in Loughborough. I would also love to see a ‘zero waste shop’ be opened. I would be much more inclined to spend more time in Loughborough town centre when able to support small local business and coffee shops.

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