indoor skate park for the for the young generation.

i am suggesting an indoor skate park for the younger generation and older generation, somewhere for the people to skate see there friends and have fun when the weather is bad.

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4 comments on “indoor skate park for the for the young generation.

  1. Yes please a skatepark would be a great idea. We live at Malton but often travel to Hull to the indoor skatepark. It would be so much easier to bring my son to Scarborough. I’m sure plenty of people would use it and it gives teenagers somewhere to go to. Perfect idea!.

  2. What about an indoor ice Rink as well with lessons available?
    Could all the suggestions be housed at the Futurist site?

  3. An indoor skate park can keep the riders in a safer environment and provide a social area for many people to learn to skate or ride bmx building our community. Would be great if it can provide jobs for the experienced skaters and riders to help the youngers. Should definitely happen has potential for a large impact on the town.

  4. Absolutely fantastic idea. I wish this would have been available in the past unfortunately for me my skating days are over, but Scarborough Council should consider this as a serious idea and I hope that one day the youngens of this town will finally have something they can be proud of, as well as bringing in tourism from out of town I know people would travel long distance to skate and recreate here. Hope SBC really do consider this. Brilliant idea and long overdue.

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